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Exede TM  High Speed Satellite Internet is great for those who have no other alternative to broadband Internet services; such as rural locations.  No phone lines, we simply install a satellite dish and modem and you are connected. Satellite Internet is metered- this means that you pay for a plan based on what you expect to use in a calendar month.  As you get close to using up your data allowance, the Internet will slow down.  However, with Exede TM  also has set an exact reset date; you know your reset will be the same every month, and helps you to better manage your usage and plans. For first time users- based on what information you tell us you use for the Internet, we can recommend a plan for you.  We always recommend to start a lower plan so you don’t pay for something that you are not using.  We can always change your plan accordingly, to fit your needs: Speeds (Plans may vary by location): Up to 12Mbps download and up to 3Mbps upload Speeds are not guaranteed- and actual speeds will vary. Current Plans and Pricing:
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 High Speed Satellite Internet

Plans New Customer Pricing Promotion Regular Pricing Exede 10-    10GB	data	     $49.00 / month	     $39.00 / month for the 1st 6 months  Exede 15-    15GB	data	     $76.00 / month	     $66.00 / month for the 1st 6 months  Exede 25-    25GB	data	     $100.00 / month	     $90.00 / month for the 1st 6 months
Buy More Now: Buy More Now allows you to purchase additional data for $9.99 per GB.  You can purchase from 1 to 9 GB’s in a single transaction, anytime.
Installation Charges: One time Installation and activation fee- $49.00 Trip Charges:  Trip charges are charged at installation or maintenance at your location. 75 miles or less from Agate, Colorado- No additional charge 76- 100 miles from Agate, Colorado- $29.99 Charge 101 miles or greater from Agate, Colorado- $49.99 Charge Equipment Lease: All equipment is leased through us at $9.00/ month. Equipment is warrantied for the lifetime of the equipment, and all regular maintenance and repairs are covered with the $9.00 / month charge; with the exception of the trip charge, or if deliberate damage was done to the equipment.
Exede Satellite Internet Application
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