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Agate Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association
Calling Features (ala carte): Call Package (call waiting, call forwarding, and 3-way calling)- $5.00 Call Forwarding- $1.50 3-Way Calling- $1.50 Call Waiting- $1.50 Caller ID, Name & Number- $5.95 Last Number Redial- $1.00 Wake-Up Services- $1.50 Warm Line- $1.00 Directory Information: Listed- No Charge Non-Listed (listed in directory assistance only)- $1.25 Non-Published (not listed anywhere)- $1.25 Eligible Lifeline Telephone Provider: Agate Mutual Telephone is an Eligible Lifeline Telephone Provider.  The Lifeline program is a discounted phone service for qualifying low-income consumers to ensure that everyone has access to phone service.  For more information, please contact our office directly.  
Agate Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association is a member owned business.  Each member of the coop pays a $35.00 membership fee to join.  As the company creates revenue and profit a captical credit is then paid out to each member based on the profit made for the year. Memberships are not required to have a phone. The Cooperative is governed by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and the Federal Communications Commission.  Guidelines set forth by these agencies to establish new telephone service to a customer, state that the customer must pay an installation and or line connection fee. At the time of installation here is an example of the charges you would be responsible for: Membership Fee (Optional)- $35.00 Initial Service Fee- $20.00 Line Connection Fee- $20.00                  Total Due- $75.00
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Local Telephone Service

Below is a sample of monthly charges you would be responsible for: Single Line Local Service- $21.22 FCC Access Charge- $  6.50 FCC Access Recovery Charge- $  2.50 E-911 Surcharge- $  1.20 CO Telecom Relay Service- $  0.05 Total Charges*- $31.47 *does not include federal, state, or local taxes
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